Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I received an email today about Cranksgiving and I thought it would be useful to some other people.

Hey Jeff,

I just heard about this race at the Bikes and Dinner event sponsored by BikeWalkKC on Sept. 22nd. It sounds like a blast. 
Is all registration on race day? 
We expect to have advance registration soon through our partners at Catholic Charities.This will help those preparing the food for the party to have enough.
Does the manifest give directions to each of the grocery stores? What is traffic like on these routes? The Manifest will have the addresses of the stores only, much like a bike messenger would get. It's likely that you could follow other riders and the traffic will vary, depending on the route you take.  I don't find that traffic is generally very bad. 
Do you still hold the ride if it is snowing/icy?
The event will go on regardless of the weather but it is a fun event, not really a serious competition, so much. Use your own best judgement. If it's bad, you can just visit the stores between the start and St. Peter's or just bring some groceries and we'll eat chili and hang out.

Do we purchase our own groceries at each store, or do they have donations that they are giving out? You will have to purchase the groceries at each store, they are not donated. That is one of the reasons that we don't charge an entry fee.

Have you found that backpacks get too heavy? Do you recommend a basket or panniers?My personal preference for carrying items is a basket, panniers or a messenger bag. Backpacks tend to ride too high for my taste. 


  1. Is there a an age minimum. Do kids participate?

  2. We do have a family division and there is no age minimum. We will have a waiver to sign or for the parent to sign.